Italian She Male Part 7

Release Year: 2004
Studio: TCKS Entertainment
Cast: Luana, Evelyn, Nico, Denise, Giorgio, Pier, Alper, Patty Ayce, Asia Blondie, Paolo Benito Cordero, Luca Moderna
Genres: She Male
Video language: English

What can I say? The title shows that the film is about transsexuals. It is difficult to say what is happening on the screen: they are fucking transsexuals or they are fucking guys and girls, since there is both. The participants in the film are girls with dicks: ex-men who underwent sex reassignment surgery. They made a body very similar to a woman’s, enlarged their breasts, but at the same time left a penis, so now not only they can be fucked, they can fuck anyone. In this film, they do this: substitute their ass to the guys, but at the same time they also very hard have those in the asses. In general, you will be here for two hours of hard sex with transsexuals. Lovers of transsexuals must watch it, everyone else at will and for general development. Nonsense! It is impossible to tell everything about these people, especially in such a short time. They are ? riddle, secret, unexplored twilight zone, which is not allowed in without a special pass. A beautiful, graceful, sexy girl, sorry, a transsexual reveals to us some of her and her friends’ secrets. Very informative and curious. And a blowjob performed by her is so easy to win the main prize: An amazing sight awaits those who are not very prepared when these `beauties’ remove the last obstacle – panties. The same question always arises: “ Why does she need this demonic outgrowth ?! ‘From the point of view of men, this question seems quite appropriate, but what do women think about this? We will find out in the next program … a joke! Why do you need such plump lips, beauty? To give you a blow job, dear! Why do you need such adorable breasts, baby? So that you caress her, dear! Why do you need such a delicious ass, baby? So you can spank her, love!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:21:20
Video: 512×384, DivX 5, 875kbps
Audio: 78kbps

File size: 605.8 MB

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