Izzy Wilde & Gracie Jane

Cast: Izzy Wilde & Gracie Jane
Genres: Transsexual,Gonzo Hardcore , All Sex ,Anal

Gracie Jane is returning home from a party when she runs into her roommate, Izzy Wilde. Izzy seems a bit jealous of Gracie and asks how the party was. Gracie shrugs, ‘it was alright, I guess… though Ricky was there…’ This intrigues Izzy, who carefully asks if Izzy fucked him, to which Gracie replies, ‘no, I him instead’. Izzy shakes her head, commenting on how Ricky gets with as many girls as he wants. Gracie says that honestly, she couldn’t help it. Ricky pulled out his dick and it looked really nice so she just to gobble it up. Izzy scoffs, she’s so sick of all these guys at these parties thinking they can get with whoever, . She’s over it! No more dating, no more dicks. Gracie rolls her eyes, ‘sure, we’ll see how works out’. She doesn’t believe Izzy for a second.
Gracie goes to take a shower, using the one in Izzy’s room since it has better pressure. When Gracie comes out of the shower a little later, she starts toweling herself off in front of Izzy, who can’t help but take in her body. Gracie’s plump breasts jiggle and her erect cock wiggles with every movement she makes, and Izzy starts to eat her words, licking her lips with lust at the sight of Gracie’s boner. It turns out that although Gracie blew Ricky at the party, she never got a chance for someone to blow . Would Izzy like to help her out with that, perhaps? Izzy can’t resist and puts Gracie’s thick member into her mouth. This evolves into playful sex in Izzy’s bedroom, with both ladies getting exactly what they needed.

Format: mp4
Duration: 31:55
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 5169kbps
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